Guitar Studio

Guitar lessons employ a flexible method of instruction based on each student’s goals and needs. Students with specialized interests receive repertoire guided instruction based on their specific genre preferences and what their performance goals are (i.e. playing their favorite songs for fun in their bedroom, starting a band with their friends, joining a school ensemble, etc.)

Students with a more general interest in learning guitar receive a more rudiments focused method of instruction, with a greater focus on reading music and covering a greater range of styles.

*All students are asked to wear masks for the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year.

Thanks for helping to make sure we can keep in-person classes open!*

Our son loves his guitar lessons! I am impressed with how many songs he has learned in a short amount of time!

— Jenny K.

Kids Lessons

Guitar lessons are offered in a group setting that allows students to move at their own pace, but benefit from being in a social setting with other musicians their own age.

Learn to read standard notation and gain a practical knowledge of music theory

• Have opportunities to demonstrate the pieces they have learned for their classmates, as well as opportunities to play duets/ensemble pieces alongside their classmates

• Learn well rounded physical technique to make playing guitar easier, more comfortable, and more fun!

• Be prepared to play in at least two recitals during the school year

• Be able to learn at their own pace while still benefitting from the classroom structure 


Adult Lessons

If you've always wanted to try and play the guitar, our relaxed approach is the perfect opportunity for you!

  • Learn through an individualized curriculum based around their goals and musical tastes
  • Gain a practical knowledge of music theory as it relates to the songs being learned
  • Learn well rounded physical technique to help avoid injury/fatigue and make playing easier, more comfortable, and more fun!
  • Build a vocabulary of chords, rhythms, and melodic techniques that will give them the versatility to play a variety of musical styles
  • Have opportunities to perform publicly if they wish