Piano Studio

Our piano lessons offer an accelerated approach to learning to read music, so that new musicians can eventually begin to play the music they love, and not only the music in a method book.

Lessons offer a variety of activities to foster rhythmic literacy, pitch identification, music theory, and ear-training while using engaging pieces of music.

*All students are asked to wear masks for the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year.

  • Thanks for helping to make sure we can keep in-person classes open!*

Our three boys all love taking piano lessons with RiverFront Studios. The encouraging and structured approach to teaching inspires our children to strive for their personal best during each lesson. They are growing in their ability to play piano and their knowledge of music theory. I highly recommend RiverFront Studios to anyone interested in learning to play music.

— Kinsey P.

Kids Lessons

We want kids to love playing the piano. The RiverFront piano lab is the perfect setting to grow in musicianship, make friends and cultivate the creativity and discipline it takes to become a musician.

  • Students will be able to read music for at least two songs after their first lesson.
  • Students will be ready to perform in their first recital in as little as four months.
  • Students will grow in a social community that builds their love for music, which will include in-class performance opportunities and duets.
  • Students learn music at their weekly 60 minute lesson and spend the bulk of their time practicing there, making practicing at home much less stressful.
  • Each student will play at a minimum of two studio performances per year.

Adult Lessons

Many adults find themselves returning to playing piano after a long hiatus, or trying it out for the first time after retirement. Whatever your reason may be, we want you to be successful!

  • Learn to read music beginning on day one. 
  • Play a variety of styles of music. 
  • Learn at least two pieces per week, but move at whatever pace is comfortable for you.
  • Curriculum includes accompanying music theory exercises that corresponds to pieces being learned.
  • No pressure for performances, unless you want to!